Getting an awesome Used Car in Browns Plains

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When purchasing a used car in browns plains there are multiple aspects that you need to think about before handing over your hard earned or hard finance cash. If you end up and the bad side of a transaction you’ll end up regretting it and for quite a while, probably until you make the money back or worse ,even longer!

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The first thing you want to consider is the age of the car and how many kilometers it has done. First start with the age, the car can not be too old. For example, when a person buys a car to use with uber you, the car can only be used with uber providing that it is less than 10 years old. Why do they do this? Because modern cars are exponentially more safe that older cars. So as a target I would not recommend buying a car that is more than 10 years old. The older it is, you’ll start having more of the common long standing issues with cars, and these are usually more of the high cost issues like timing belt replacement, air condition needing to be regassed, suspension needed replacement and so on. 

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Next you want to consider how many kilometers the car has done. Even if the car is relatively new, it just may have been thrashed by a taxi company. It is not impossible to see a car under 2 years that has already done over 200,000 kms. You really want to consider getting a car that is under 100,000 kms on the odometer. This is where your budget really comes into play. The more kms it has done the more wear and tear there’ll be on all components of the car. Even things that you might not normally consider like the car seats! The website redbook can give you an idea of what a relatively average kilometer count would be on an engine. 

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Next, taking into consideration the last two pints of what the age of the car and how many kilometers it has done, you want to know what the price is, and is it worth the current state of the car. There have been times where I’ve encountered cars that look okay but in actuality the car is a wreck waiting to happen under the hood. One of the worst I’ve seen was a Mitsubishi Magna where there were odd parts on the body work that did not look right. I requested a mechanic to take a look at the car. As soon as the licensed mechanic put the car on a hoist it was plain to see that the car was somewhat awry. The chassis was from two cars and had been unconventionally welded together to create a new chassis that was not safe. It can sometimes cost you a little extra to get a license mechanic to have a look at the car but in the long run it can save you quite a few thousands of dollars knowing that the car you are purchasing is in mechanically A1 condition.

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The car professionals at Used Cars Browns Plains are able to give each car they sell a great warranty to help if anything goes wrong with the car in the unforeseeable future. You can find them at:

MG Used Cars

62 Anzac Ave Browns Plains QLD 4118

1300 642 277

If you want to pick up an awesome deal and get a really nice car I would recommend to give them a call, I have had a car from the, for almost 3 years and I’ve never had one issue with it. It was certainly marked at a good as soon as I walked into the showroom.