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Why rent to own cars might be the best choice for you

Why rent 2 to own cars might be the best choice for you!!

There are many types of cars that you can buy on the market today, and to make things a little more confusing there are also many different types of finance you can purchase cars with. Is there ever a stop to the information overload of this modern day!?

If you are going for affordability you will definitely want to check out rent to own cars. A place like rent to own cars Brisbane can get you an awesome car a really great weekly price. They will even have a great selection of cars for you, family movers, four wheel drives and basically anything you can think of, even luxury cars!

Before you purchase a rent to own car or any type of car for that matter, you need to consider what type of car you would like to get. A few good questions to ask yourself is what will I be using the car for. A couple of answers you might come up with is, driving to work, a general run around car, a fun car to drive on weekends or a car to talk all my kids to soccer on the weekend (not to mention school). Once you have a general idea of what you want the car for you’ll be able to narrow down what type of car you want. When you have a better idea of what car you want it becomes easier to narrow down your search so you can really start to focus on the important details you want for the type of car you want to buy.

When you purchase a car in Australia you’ll need to make sure that the car has a valid roadworthy certificate. This is 100% required when you move the car’s registration over from the previous owner to the new one. And it helps to make sure that the car you are buying has no mechanical issues with it, you don’t want to buy a lemon! Did you know that you can’t get a roadworthy certificate without a proper inspection form a qualified car mechanic? So make sure for whatever car you select there’s a valid roadworthy certificate before you hand over any cash. Also, make sure that the roadworthy certificate hasn’t expired, they only have a limited time of validity and if the car has travelled to many kilometres since the certificate it will become void!

You can find out more about Queensland roadworthy certificates here on the department of transport’s official website.

You’ll need to check out things like how many kilometres the car has already done. Once the car starts to accumulate a lot of kilometres, you start to notice signs of wear, tear and deterioration. For example, when a car gets over 200,000 kilometres you’ll have to start changing different parts of the car. If you’re going for affordability you’ll want to make sure that these types of cost won’t blow out your budget.

Make sure to thoroughly go through the exterior of the car and make sure that there are no signs of rust. Rust can be like the plague for a car, once it starts it’s hard for it to stop. Most people would recommend staying away from purchasing any car that is starting to rust. Even if the car is new it’s important to check, the car may have gotten sea water on it, which is known to accelerate the rusting process.

Obviously, you can’t buy a new car unless you have a decent amount of cash just laying around. So you’ll need to find a nice balance point of car age and kilometres travelled. You can check out some really good cars on the FexiBuy site. They have a range of new cars to rent to own cars. Or alternatively, you can check out there ever popular rent to own facebook page.

We’ll be back for more information on what are the best practices to buy new or second-hand cars. As you can tell there is a lot of information to cover! Looking forward to the next post. Have a good one!